Ageing without Children Consultancy

Ageing without Children is the biggest invisible issue in the age sector. Already over 1 million people over 65 have no children which will rise to 2 million by 2030. There is projected to be an 80% increase in the number of older people who will have long term care needs but be both single and without children.

What can public bodies, service providers and all organisations involved in the age sector do to understand, prepare and manage this ever growing issue?

Adopt the TULIP approach

T – think about people ageing without children

U – understand the issues affecting people ageing without children

L – link people ageing without children together

I – include people ageing without children

P – prepare for the increasing numbers of people ageing without children who will need support

Ageing without Children consultancy offers a range of tools and solutions to help your organisation adopt the TULIP approach



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